Blogilates: A Guarantee  For A New And Improved Body And Life

For me living a happy life is not easy.  It takes one little nudge for minimal stress to turn to maximum stress and one little negative thought to change my whole haptastic day into a day of misery and sorrow.  I am a person who is always looking for another way to to live a stress free life.

Here is a recent finding:

Blogilates –

I absolutely love blogilates.  When I was a kid I did yoga on Thursday evenings.  My dad drove me to Buffalo for our one hour yoga session – me with the little kids, he with the adults.  After, it was our ritual to stop at Spot Coffee.  I was only 8 or 9 at the time, so all these strong and flavorful coffees were quite a change for me!  At first I lied and I said I enjoyed them – in actuality, they were way too bitter.  But after some time I came to like them.

I never really did come to like Yoga as much as my dad wished I would.  I don’t think it was the yoga in particular that I did not care for – I was not a very social girl, so being around other kids made me self-conscious.  I usually kicked into fight or flight mode before going to class (I have always battled this, but guess what? With time and practice, it gets better!).  As you can probably guess, I quit yoga.  However, I always second guess myself so of course I bought a yoga video and later on found some Pilates videos hanging around the house.  One day when I was again bored with the yoga, I put the Pilates video in.  Small me was pretty stoked because Pilates were actually fun!  They were much more intense and were perfect for a flighty child like me! Pilates never stuck, probably because Denise Austin annoyed me a bit and I didn’t have the means (car, money, etc) to go buying other Pilates videos.  Plus, the internet was not as insanely filled with information as it is today.

For a while now I’ve been thinking about getting into Pilates (I’m at least 9 years older than I was when I first tried them-I would hope results would be different!) and about a week ago my sister informed me of this awesome website – Blogilates!  It is the absolutely perfect website for someone who wants to get into fitness but isn’t sure where to start.  I know there are many people like me out there, who are super ambitious but have absolutely no organization skills whatsoever.  Well, guess what?  You don’t need to worry about any organization because Cassey organizes everything for you!  You just need to figure out when to fit it into your daily schedule.  Each workout is about half an hour long, so this should not be too much of a challenge.  I tend to do it at night before bed because that is what works best in my schedule.   There really are no excuses!

Cassey has a great, spunky personality!  Her rants during the videos both make you smile and hate her because when she rants she’s not keeping track of how long you’re squatting or twisting or doing whatever it is you’re doing.  But these rants also make her adorable and never fail to put a smile on my face.  They make me look forward to working out, which is much more than I could say about Denise Austin (sorry Denise…).  Cassey is always concerned about your happiness.  And the thing is, I think she means it.  As much as she can be professional, she is also a motivational speaker, and a friend.  She is the first fitness person I have watched who doesn’t make me feel inadequate, but keeps me moving and really keeps me smiling and laughing.  Yes, she has a killer body, and yes, she has killer knowledge in Pilates, but she is also human and her videos reflect this.  I love her!

So, I highly suggest that you check out her blogilates.  It has only been a week but doing Pilates every day has already helped me live a more happy and stable life.  Of course,  I wish I could get out and run more, but Pilates makes me feel almost as good, without all the knee pain.   And I am really excited because I am already seeing my muscles tone up! I can’t imagine what a year can do!

This is definitely not my usual posting, but I really wanted to share this.  Not only is it a great new part to my life, but it is a part of my sister, Kelly’s, and on Monday my other sister, Heather, is starting too! It’s bringing my body, mind, and sisters closer and i could not ask for anything better.

If you read this (does anyone?), then thank you! Now get out your yoga mat (or floor…I use the floor) and get ready for some crazy body shaping moves!

Until Next Time!


Oh yeah, guys? Blogilates is free.  So there.  No.  Excuses. GO!

Here is the first video.  JUST TRY IT! If you LOVE it (which you will) then go fetch the beginner’s workout calender (link is also posted below!):

Calender, as promised:


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