Woman Hood & Graveyard Shifts

Oh, has the past week been both emotionally and physically difficult.  Between the appearance of that lovely time of the month and having an insane work schedule (overnights included), it was hard to find the energy and time to work out.  I don’t know about you ladies, but when Aunt Flow makes her presence known, it’s basically a big deal for me to pull myself out from the covers.  But it’s okay!  I managed and all turned out pretty well.

So, I worked out three times last week.  Not ideal, but I still did it.  One day I walked for two hours with my friend, talking as we made our way in circles around a local mall.  We were mall walkers for a night.  No shame! I’m happy to report that even though working out didn’t live up to par, my eating habits were consistent.  I brought my own healthy food to snack on at work, instead of buying the salty snacks we sell.  This meant I saved money and nourished my body.  Woo! Can’t argue with that.  I’m also on my feet cashing, stocking, and cleaning the whole time, so I suppose that’s quite a work out in itself.

I just finished my work out for today (well, okay, until I go to bed at 7 am and get up again at 3 – if you’ve never experienced them before, this is what overnights does to you, especially when you have a random day off between your overnights…) and I feel SO FREAKING REJUVENATED and CLEAN.  Clean as in I’ve rid myself of the negativity that was haunting me all day.  Right now I’m loving Pilates, specifically Cassey Ho and her Blogilates.  Her personality is what keeps me motivated.  She’s incredibly positive and I believe a fantastic role model.  I partially love her because she’s not intimidating.  She’s  real, fit, and a strong individual.  Although working out for me isn’t purely about my body image, it’s nice to look at a celebrity fitness instructor and see that her body looks beautiful and attainable.

Anyway, I keep surprising myself by how amazing I feel after I work out.  Like, I feel superbly wonderful and positive.  I think I’ve made realistic goals for myself.  Right now I’m following Cassey’s Movember calender.  Although I’ve done her videos off and on for the past two years, I’ve finally decided to commit and am proud to say I’ve finished half of this calender!  Since I’m a beginner I do three videos a day to the best of my ability, plus a stretching video after.  I love this calender because each day starts with a cardio warm up or HIIT.  I used to run a lot but I haven’t since September because of, well, school and other life-ish things, so it’s great that I can slowly get back into cardio.

Oh! I also downloaded some new work out songs with a gift card my sister got me for Christmas.  So exciting!  Definitely makes me want to find a new running trail…We’ll see if this happens anytime soon.

Right, well I’m rambling a bit much about my Blogilates experience and don’t have much more to say for the moment.  I’m just hoping I stay on track.  As cliche as this is, I really am sick of starting over.  I need to do this, for me.  I need to re-establish some form of healthy control over my life.


The Little Fit Sis


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