Those Crap Food Days…

Holy crap and yes, that is what I’ve been feeding my body the past few days.  Thursday some friends and I ordered some delicious Pizza Hut pizza (with extra cheese of course) and an order of bread sticks.  Yesterday I had wine night with a close friend and we indulged in frozen cheddar jalapeno poppers and tatter tots, plus I had veggie hot dogs before hand. Ohhh myyy godddd, so good.  WHY?! Why must it all be so good?! and then she finished a bottle of wine and then proceeded to help me finish a mag.  Yup.  Let’s just say when I woke up this morning my head was absolutely pounding.  And then today!  Oh, today.  I’ve been trying to kick this coffee habit that developed at some point in my elementary school days.  I had one of those awesome grandmas who spoil their grandchildren with their favorite foods and drinks.  Before putting me on the bus in the morning, she’d give me coffee.  Practically every morning.  So, I’ve been trying to drink only one cup of coffee a day (my morning cup) and today I had a cup and a half.  Okay, not a HUGE deal.  But then I had more veggie dogs for lunch…And the rest of the jalapeno poppers…and the rest of the tatter tots for dinner…And I feel SO freaking dehydrated even though I’ve practically been chugging down water all day.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I have hormonal acne issues, and I can definitely see my face has been affected from just the past few days of eating super poorly.  I also have serious allergies and eating dairy doesn’t help.  Either tomorrow or Monday I’m going to stay away from dairy for a week, so I’ll be eating a vegan diet to the best of my ability.  I’m trying to save money so I can move down south after college but eating is soooo important.  I know first hand that sometimes you don’t get a second chance to be healthy and really live the life you want to live.  I miss my dad every day.

So, I guess we’ll see how this goes.  Time to ditch the cheese!

With Love,

The Little Fit Sis


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