Late Night Productivity Ramble

Why is it that I always want to get things done late at night?  I’m continuously fighting with myself over that beer in the fridge and the fact that it’s already 12:30.  I’m tired.  My body is sore and my brain is ready to let go of the days accumulation of stress.  Yet it’s always this time at night that I want to do something somewhat productive.

I just brushed my teeth and I’m already laying in bed, so that beer isn’t going to happen.  I don’t think I could pull myself out of here if I wanted to.  Well shit, actually I will have to get up to turn off the light.  Why God.  Why.  I’m particularly feeling that beer because I’m supposed to be getting that Skinny Mint Ultimate 28 Day Teatox in the mail tomorrow.  I kind of splurged on it but I’m super curious.  I’ve been a coffee addict since I was in middle school.  My grandma used to feed me coffee before putting me on the bus all through my innocent elementary years.  I’m wondering if this could help me quit the “black tar of death” (as one of my good friends called it in high school).

I lovvveeeee coffee but I’m curious to see what would happen without it.  I’ve always had red skin and I had cystic acne for a long time due to a birth control pill that didn’t agree with my body.   I’ve heard quitting coffee could help reduce the splotchyness of skin. The sad part is that once I start this Teatox I’m not really supposed to drink.  That’s the point, right?  To detox all that horrible poisonous crap out of my system?

Though, now that I think of it, I’m supposed to be going out on Saturday. Right.  I’m spectacular at being healthy.

I’m just rambling, don’t mind me.  See?  I’m so tired.  But I want to do something.  But now here I am.  I’m doing something and it’s coming out like this.  Awesome!

You know what sucks?  Trying to work out during that time of the month.  Why God.  Why.

I shouldn’t even be complaining.  I have it so good.

Wow.  This post was not productive in the least, was it???? hahaha….

Omg.  Sleep.  Take me.

The Little Fit Sis

(If you actually made it to this point on this one, I applaud you.  Go you!  You’re cool!)


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