Hello world!  I’ve got my beer! Wooo!  At this point, I may actually be a little tipsy.  I’m drinking the Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat.  At first sip I wasn’t sure how I felt about the beer, but it grew on me.  I actually like it better in its “warmer” state.  Or…Or…am I tipsy??

Again it’s 12:34.  1…2…3…4…

I really need to work on this whole “I’ll go to bed before midnight!” thing.  I’m so restless.  Not really physically, more psychologically.  I went to the library earlier and got this awesome book out of a trilogy I never finished when I was younger (we’re talking middle school folks.  I’m like 22 now. What.).  Actually, I started the trilogy from book number 2, somehow it all made sense to me, and I continued to the 3rd book until I realized I was lost.  Go figure at some point I would need the contents of the first book to connect the dots.  Needless to say, I was too lazy to find the first book in my sister’s room, and now that she’s all moved into her own house I ventured off to the library to find it.  Only like 11 years later, of course.

Part of my issue of reading tonight is due to the fact that I am absolutely positively obsessed with Poshmark.  Not with the buying, but with the selling.  I’m in serious need of money guys.  Plus it’s kind of fun, making all the listings pretty, following people like a crazy person (and not feeling creepy about it because you have no idea who they are!!), and when you make a sale?! Oh man, the rush.  I know you know what I’m talking about, there is no way I’m alone in this.  But yes, Poshmark has been consuming me.  I only have 50 listings because the obsession comes and goes.  On some days I actually have to go to my real job, so Poshing is left at the wayside.  It’s really tempting though to not spend on Poshmark because you find all of these things that you’ve posted on your Pinterest dream wardrobe, and they’re like 50% – 80% off, and you’re just like shit…I can actually be the person I want to present myself to be…

But NO. Stop.  Save your money.  Save.  Your.  Money.

This is my battle every day.

Anyway, I got my SkinnyMint Teatox in the mail today at like 4:30, and I’m going to start it in the morning.  I’m super excited, although I would probably be more excited if Aunt Flow hadn’t decided to stop by for a few days.  I’m hopeful that the tea might help.  I get awful symptoms, so I guess I shall see.  Although I did manage to go running earlier which I was super happy about.  I ran an 8:18 minute mile, which, before you super athletic runner people start snickering over there, is incredibly good for me!  When I started running I was doing like 12-13 minute miles.  I’m proud of myself!  Of course, this is within the course of like 4 years, of starting and stopping off and on.  Tomorrow will be Pilates day.  I hope to god I don’t sleep in until 11 again.  Crossing Fingers…

So yeah, this is my night.  I hope yours has been a little more exciting.  I’m actually quite relaxed right now.  Tipsy?!

Much Love,

The Little (Not So) Fit Sis



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