Skinny Mint Update and Natural Face Mask (1:08 AM! Gah.)

Okay so, I think the Skinny Mint tea is doing its job??  I’m not entirely sure because I was suffering from that time of the month last week.  But my bloat in my stomach is basically gone after 6 days of starting the “teatox”.  I don’t know if I feel more energetic, or anxious.  Of course, again, that time of the month makes me anxious, depressed, confused, etc. so I can’t be entirely sure of how the tea has affected me.  I’m also having a lot of work related stress and can’t wait until I land another job. So far my skin isn’t doing so well, but again stress greatly affects my skin, and I’m not sure glowing skin is even a selling point on the Skinny Mint website.

In other news, since my skin is really bothering me, I’ve been researching natural ways to clear cystic acne.  Just a few minutes ago I washed off a face mask which consisted of honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg (link here).  I think I put in a little too much cinnamon.  I mean, I’m pretty sure part of the point is to lightly exfoliate your skin when taking off the mask, but it’s not cool when your zits are actually bleeding afterward…Ew.

1:08 AM.  So tired.  There are supposed to be some pretty neat thunderstorms rolling in around 3 AM and the wind is going nuts.  I partially love it, and it slightly frightens me.  I think being the only person awake in the house is the thing that creeps me out the most.

I guess it’s time to get some rest!  If I’m not up early to work out tomorrow I’ll be super mad at myself.

Good night 🙂

The Little Fit Sis


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