Let the Bass Drop…

My head is absolutely swarming.  This has been the definition of “one of those weeks”.  You know, those weeks where you wonder if you’re going to survive this thing called life or just fall off of the train track and lay unconscious while the next train comes zooming toward you, unaware of your presence.  That kind of week.  I am totally relating to 3OH!3 and their Trainwreck song right now.

This is why:

Major break down over job.  Dyed hair auburn turned out purple turned out red turned out what the hell is this freaking color in my hair turned into OH MY GOD THANK YOU COLOR OOPS IS STOCKED AT TARGET (but not at Rite Aid) turns into copper hair.  Quit Job. 40 dollars in bank account?? No big de-Final fuel bill comes in – 98 FREAKING DOLLARS?!?! Minor panic attack turns into major panic attack.  Sells two items on Poshmark in one day. YES. within one hour of each sale. THERE IS  A GOD. Poshes like there is no other life other than Poshing (much to my poor puppy’s dismay). No sales.  Laptop breaks.  Wallet breaks.  Why, oh why, is everything breaking?

Meanwhile: Uncle consistently calling and leaving threatening messages, getting house cleaned so we can put it on the market to sell, all I did was run one day this past week because of, well, STRESS, and to make myself feel better what do I do? Pizza and frosted cinnamon buns.  Hello jiggly bum.

Anyway, that has been my life. It has been worse!  It has.  But the money situation is a little scary.  I needed a few days off from that job before even thinking about applying anywhere else, but finally spent the last few hours applying to every single place I could find on Indeed.  I love that job search engine and definitely recommend it for anyone currently searching for positions.  Of course, I’ve only used it for part time/seasonal positions, I’m not sure what they have for big kid jobs.

Also, the Skinny Mint experiment continues! I think it’s going well. The tea is good but it’s honestly not my favorite.  I prefer the night time tea because it really calms me down.  And I still need a cup of coffee after drinking the Morning Boost Tea. So far, I have found that I’m not really bloated.  My skin has also been pretty even in skin tone, which is amazing for me, but that could also be due to the mask that I tried out last week (that I used again last night – love) or the moisturizer I made that has vitamin e oil, lavender extract, and coconut oil.  I love that moisturizer, actually. I don’t remember where I found the recipe or if I posted about it before, but I’ll look back when I get the chance and fill all of that in.  I definitely didn’t think of it, so do not give me any credit!  But like I said, I really like it, you just can’t overdo it (and it’s easy to do).  I’ve also found I have to wash my face once or twice throughout the day, otherwise it feels a bit oily and gross.

OH MY GOD.  It is only 11:49!! It is still June 28th!  In high school I actually wrote a short story called June 28th.  It was cute :).

Now I’m really rambling.

Well, this is a week to get myself back together.  I was off for a week and now I need to get back on track.  Life must continue and dammit, I am so sick of not making changes for myself.  Any thoughts on taking control of your life?  Is that possibly the hardest thing you can do, or the easiest once you put your fears and past experiences aside? How do you even begin to put your fears and past experiences aside?

I guess that’s a post for another night.  I’m tired and wouldn’t mind watching an episode of Buffy (on the television instead of my laptop…so sad).  Have a great night everyone! Prep yourselves for Monday (insert evil grinning face here because I do not currently have a job for me to dread Monday over).

So much love!

The Little Fit Sis

Oh, also, the title is in reference to the major party going on in my neighborhood right now.  I’ve been rocking out to the music all night and for some reason Let the Bass Drop has been stuck in my head…Just the phrase guys.  It’s almost haunting.  Props to these people, they went major hard with legit fireworks.  I’m sure the police were called but they were so much fun!


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