Better Than New

My computer is mine again!! About $200 later of course.  And in the meantime I’ve discovered Poshmark ON THE INTERNET and may possibly have a very serious problem.  For now I need to re-download everything to my computer because the sweet wonderful dolls at the computer place had to wipe my laptop clean (not being sarcastic here, they truly are sweet and wonderful doll like creatures, and I am truly thankful for my “better than new” version of my laptop).  I’ve decided to name my laptop Richard.  Or is Richard actually an Alice?  I like the name Lucy too…  Dear god, I have a problem.

So on the whole SkinnyMInt adventure, I haven’t really been paying attention to the mirror in the past five days or so.  When I went to work out today I realized Holy. Crap.  Where did my little tummy go?  It’s gone.  I’m mean, way more gone than it has ever been before.  Like, you can see my abs.  I have abs!!!!  This stuff is no joke.  I was a bit suspicious to begin with and didn’t think it was actually working, but I’m fairly convinced at this point that it is.  I’ve even noticed a difference on my legs and tush.  I haven’t even changed my eating habits all that much.  I mean, I have a little.  I’m trying to eat a lot more veggies and fruit, and staying away from highly processed foods.  I’m also eating less dairy than usual.  But that whole change is only since Monday.  I’m also keeping a food diary which is helping me see where I’m doing well and where I’m falling short.  I haven’t been able to keep one in the past but I’m using a different method this time and actually writing it all out in my diary, as an entry rather than just a boring list.  I’ve never been very good with lists…  Anyway, I’m pretty excited right now.  I’ve never been this tiny in my stomach area and I can’t help but think the SkinnyMint Teatox may be doing the trick, which is great since I spent quite a bit on it and am currently dirt broke (as in having no income, just having spent $300 on computer and car repairs in the past week, and having to rely on my mom to feed and shelter me).

Thankfully I had a successful job interview today and I think it will be mine!  I have a second interview next week.  Keep your fingers crossed for me please!  I really need this job and I’m super excited because it’s at a fast paced restaurant.  I have very little experience in food business and want to get in the field now because I’ll be moving south next year and may not have a big girl job for a little bit.  I want to learn it and do it well.  Anyone here in the restaurant business?  Do you like it on the whole?  I want something stimulating.  Cashing gets old after a while, at least for me.

I feel so much better this week.  Way less stress, way less negative thinking.  My computer is fixed, I’ve sold a few things on Poshmark, SkinnyMint is paying off, I’m working out regularly again, I have a potential job in the line up.  I’m grateful to have these moments of peace in my life where things just feel better than before.  Where things just feel right.  Yeah, I’m going to have rough moments, but that’s all they are.  Moments.  Those moments always pass.  They’re never forever.  You have to keep moving forward no matter what happens.  Problems will come and some will be unsolvable but most are truly 100% solvable.  Sometimes you just have to think outside of the box a bit.  Or inside.  Sometimes the best solutions are the most obvious, right in front of your face that you didn’t even think of, because, well, it’s always there.

I guess that’s it for now.  I’m going to watch some Buffy and then get to bed.  I should stop going to bed so late.  Oh!  It’s 11:47!  Not even 12 yet!  Go me :).

Love you guys!

The Little Fit Sis


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