Valentine’s Day!

I’m making a lot of changes. Some are surprising, some are predictable, some big, some small, you know how it works.  I’m not going to share them right now because it’s a new phase, and I’d like to give it a trial spin first.  This week has been full of surprises and I’m trying to take everything in.  I don’t know where it all came from, but I’m thankful for it.  From surprise Valentine’s on my staircase given by new friends, to having an intense five hour long conversation with my hair dresser, this week greeted me with lovely encounters, and an appreciation I haven’t felt in a while.

With that said, today is Valentine’s Day and being the single girl I am, I participated in self love activities.  Candles burning, bath bombs bubbling, soulful lyrics playing in the background.  New leggings, a few dollars spent on good coffee.  And never let anyone tell you you’re dressing up for someone else.  Curled hair, pretty lipstick, and a nice outfit shamelessly accompanied me on my day’s ventures, and it was all done for myself.

I only wish it weren’t 7 degrees out, and I could take a walk.  It would be the perfect ending to my day, but I’m not about to go out in this.  Instead, I decided to create a playlist for today’s holiday.  It includes some of my favorite artists and songs.  Of course, many more could have been added, and a couple were after I realized how sad most of the songs on here are…nothing is meant by it, they’re just beautiful!

Enjoy the playlist guys, haha.  I’ve never made one so this is a little weird.

So, Happy Valentine’s Day!  If you’re with your loved one, have a wonderful time together, and if you’re single, so what? Do something for yourself. I’m going to make a special dinner, drink chocolate wine, and perhaps watch a movie…Tristan and Isolde? James Franco, though ;).

-The Little Fit Sis-


One thought on “Valentine’s Day!

  1. There once was a little Princess born into a beautiful Family with 2 older twin Princesses. They were all very pretty & had lots of challenges in their lives but some how the littlest one became the strongest & bravest one over time. The Littlest Princess experienced many things about LIFE & learned the most important things of all: self reliance & how to take good care of herself. They all ended up living long happy lives and made the world a better place. THE END.

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