Sometimes you’re not okay.  You don’t have any particular reason.  You’ve been content, and the sun is shining, and it’s sweatshirt weather.  You light candles, take a bath, go for a walk.  You research a personal interest.  You pick up a pen and try to write, but you can’t.  Nothing you do helps.  Today you’re not okay.

You know there are projects waiting on you.  The draft of an essay is due tomorrow.  The sink is starting to pile up.  You don’t tuck your clothes into their drawers.  Your eyes hurt from- you don’t know what.

There are a million things to do.  All you want is greasy take out, and a day of Netflix.  And sometimes that’s okay.  Sometimes you’re not okay.


One thought on “Sometimes

  1. I’ve been “not ok” so many times in my life that it was decades ago I ran out of fingers & toes to count them! Sometimes “not ok” just slides into my new reality that I don’t even realize I’m “not ok.” But I’ve been working on “the Art of Bouncing Back” for half my life at least & I’m now rather proud of that bounce – & what a bounce it has been! I know that there will be many more times feeling “not ok” will shadow my days but I’m also working on 🎶 ” Let it Go!” 🎶 So maybe if you work on your bounce with a little music, there’s hope for the both of us. Love you. xo

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