Because I’m Missing You

BeFunky Collage 2Because I’m Missing You is the predecessor of The Little Fit Sis, but was tucked away because I was embarrassed by my emotional turmoil.  The original concept was to design a blog as an outlet for my creativity, while sifting through the confusion of depression, grief, and anxiety.  The Little Fit Sis was not originally meant to be as personal as it became.  When the first posts rolled out, I attempted to blend health and fitness with depression.  It did not feet natural, and I felt like I was betraying a part of myself that had to be shared.  I went back to the personal blogging ways of Because I’m Missing You because it felt genuine.

At the time Because I’m Missing You was created, I missed myself.  I missed the confident, bold girl I had once known.  The girl who never had to check her feet when she walked, or cared if people stared at her outfits too long.  The stubborn girl who was unafraid to say no, who had loyal friends surrounding her, who seemed, I thought then, to have it all.

At the time I also missed my dad.  My grief went deep.  Plus, I was in Ireland, the country my dad and I had planned to visit once I graduated high school.  I had my dream internship while living alone feeling lost, culture shocked, and ill at ease with every aspect of life.

Those first posts were never published- I did not think they were good enough.  I thought they were too personal, and I did not think anyone would understand.  Some, I thought, might go as far as to call me insane.

Today, I think differently.  Many people relate, and in a world where communication is constant but suicide rates are up higher than ever, I think personal blogs are a necessity.  So, here it is.

Welcome to the revival of Because I’m Missing You.  Because I still often feel like a shell of myself.  Because I miss my dad, my grandma, my late chocolate lab Mocha, my friends Jess & Laura, and so many other people on a regular basis.  Because I miss the days where I didn’t look at my phone every thirty minutes, where friends randomly showed up at your house with a pizza, where phone conversations were not a nuisance.

Because I am a damn nostalgic person, and I plan to embrace all of the emotions that come with missing, and I plan to wish them all to hell as well.

Welcome, my friends, to my blog.



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