A Little Road Trip – Part Two


A moment of frustration – I dropped my phone on Tuesday after work.  The screen cracked, my phone basically died.  All of my photos are lost, so I can’t post the cool ones I had.  I might be able to revive them still, but I have to plug it into my computer to do that.  I’m feeling lazy right now, so I’ll try it out later!

So, unfortunately, I don’t have any original photos to post for you guys.  I know, it saddens me, too.

But, moving on…

After my gander around Pittsburgh, I went in search of the funeral home turned brewery.  It’s in Slippery Rock and it’s called North Country Brewing Company.  I was super interested in checking it out, because I had just been at the Church Brew Works, and wanted to check out some more unique breweries.  On my way, I got lost.  Google gave me two different addresses.  One was in a cute little town, and the address there was actually another brewery, but it wasn’t the old funeral home that I was looking for.  After a few moments of panic, I parked on a side street and searched Google more heavily.  I finally found the real address, in Slippery Rock.  It took another 45 minutes for me to get there (and my drive had already been about an hour to get to the little town I was in- I wish I remembered the name of it).  I found Slippery Rock around 6:00, and figured I would have a beer, have some dinner, hang out around town for a little while, and be on the road again by 9:00.

The patio was so cute!  Naturally, that’s where I wanted to sit.  I ordered a veggie burger, with apple slices on the side (so cool!), and the Lurnberry Sour.  Oh. My. God.  The Lurnberry Sour was so fucking good.  Like, I can’t.  Excuse the language, but it just was.

It was so hot that I couldn’t finish my veggie burger or apple slices.  I ended up asking for the check, and making my way to the bar upstairs.  I was interested in getting a feel for the ambiance of the place.

They do have a ghostly theme, to an extent.  It was not as played up as it could have been, but, for example, the handles in the bathroom where ghostly looking hands.  I should have had a better look around, but the heat, beer, and wear from the day were starting to get to me.  I know they had decorations that were “creepy”.  I did wish they had done a little bit more to play up the awesome history of the funeral home.  They could do so much with that, and I felt, at the time, that they had only minimally taken advantage of this aspect of their brewery.

I also learned that they no longer brew as often in that location as they used to.  Believe it or not, they used to brew their beers in the morgue!  How cool and absolutely creeptastic is that?  I asked if they do tours, but they don’t at the taproom.  I believe the bartender said they do tours where they brew most of the beers now. Still, I’d pay for a tour of the brewing system in the former morgue.  Who wouldn’t?

I was not a fan of all their beers, but I thought the Sour could have messed with my taste buds.  The service was a little slow, but I was in the mood to chill at the bar anyway, so I didn’t mind.  I ended up chatting with a local around my age for a few hours, and we split a free pitcher. Before leaving I headed downstairs, and the bartender gave me a sticker for free.  My new friend showed me around Slippery Rock University (who knew?!), and he was so kind.  Even bought me a couple waters for my trip back home!

All in all, my experience at North Country Brewing Company was good.  I am going to go back.  I want to really take the place in next time, and maybe get photos that I can actually post!

Have ya’ll been to North Country Brewing? Do you like sour ales?  Any breweries you recommend checking out?

I’ll be doing a post on another local brewery on my other blog, that I keep with my sisters.  It’s called Queen City Sisters, and focuses on our wanderings around the Buffalo region. Be sure to check that out, too!

I’ll have another post up soon.  I want to share how amazing I felt while traveling alone those couple of days, how free, how independent, and blissful.

Until then, see ya guys!



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