Here’s to the College Grads

Here’s to every college graduate stuck in a dead end job, living with mom and dad with barely any money to pay bills, or live a fulfilling life.  Here’s to every college graduate wondering what the next move should be, because this path is bringing you nothing, and you crave more- more for your mental health, more for your bank account, more for your relatives who continuously ask about that full time position you have yet to acquire.  Here’s to every college graduate debating a move, because perhaps job opportunities exist elsewhere.  Or maybe racking up further debt to complete a masters program is the answer.  Or maybe you should just say fuck it and defer those damn student loans, and spend the next six months working odd jobs around the country, and sleeping on couches of strangers reading existential poetry.

Here’s to every college graduate tired of your dead end jobs and overwhelmed by all you have done, and all that has yet to be done.  Here’s to every college graduate wishing you could afford an apartment and the simple comforts of living.

Here’s to all of us college graduates, stuck in dead end jobs with student loans up our asses, slowly approaching apathy with nowhere else to go.

I feel you.



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