It’s That Time, Again.


Just let me lay in the snow forever, and ever, and ever.

I am in that place where, I want to be productive.  And I am trying to be productive.  But my body wants to sit down and stay there.  My eyes can barely stand to see the clutter building on the carpet and my alter space.  Lighting the candle? No. Don’t even.

Coca cola, please?  Dark chocolate – like 85%.  Maybe some corn flakes with regular milk, and oh, please, oh please, some hot sauce.  On anything.  Seriously, just give it to me.

There is a TY dragon on my book shelf.  I am about to cry from the cuteness.

Holy dear energies of the earth, why can I not be productive?

Ohhhh, marshmallows and hot chocolate sound glorious.

Or maybe ginger ale.

And saltines with melted cheddar cheese!


that’s why.

A girl and her period.


One thought on “It’s That Time, Again.

  1. A glass of wine, a heating pad, & a book you can lose yourself in – in bed was my medicine. Now, after 8 years of hot flashes…. πŸ”₯mmmm…. I’m still happy THAT part of my life is over & done with! Sincere hugs from this other empath. Xxx

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