Women’s March on Washington

It is difficult to write about the March on Washington.  That day was powerful, beautiful, incredible, and I was able to be a part of it.  It is a day I will never forget, a day where I took a stand with millions of others by my side.  The world erupted with men and women screaming to protect the rights of individuals, screaming for President Trump to listen to the people, for all of society to understand: We will not go back.

I was quiet for most of the march, in my own thoughts, witnessing something I knew was historic.  Every now and then I would come out of the surreal, and shout with the others.  I was just as surprised as any other to see Madonna take the stage, and hear her perform.  That day so many were brought together because of our beliefs in human rights and dignity for all.

Unfortunately, since the Women’s March, Donald Trump has been signing executive orders that are entirely against what we stood for.  We had our day of protest, but the protest cannot stop.  We have to keep signing petitions, uniting, and acting out on our right to free speech.

I want to talk about losing my car, and walking for miles before finally calling Uber.  I want to talk about the horrible air bnb we stayed in with cockroaches and hair every where, and driving back that night instead of staying.  I want to talk about those things, but to be honest, I’m not in the mood.

We need to stay organized.  We need to fight against travel bans. We need to keep speaking out against the construction of harmful pipelines.  We need to keep screaming against the wall.  We need to remind everyone that women’s rights are human rights, that black lives matter, that LGBTQ are people who love and feel as much as we do.

The Women’s March on Washington was historic.  It was a proud moment, one to never be forgotten.  The protest must continue, long after the March.

I must apologize for this post being delayed.  I must apologize for it not being as detail oriented as I wanted it to be.  All I can say is, we must find our local organizations, volunteer, educate, protest, and keep going.

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