Be a Friend


We have all walked by an individual in need of a loving hand.  Who has not ignored someone we disliked when she was upset, because of our own private prejudices against her?

Let us challenge ourselves to be better, and to be a friend to anyone in need.  I am talking about anyone with different ideologies than you.  Anyone who has made fun of you to your face.  Anyone you thought was a close friend, and ended up further away than you ever expected.

We do not have to invite each other over for wine or pizza nights.  They do not need to be in our weddings, and we do not need to share our personal information with them.  But if someone looks like she is in need, it is up to us to rise above ourselves.

Living is living with people. That is not going to change.  So, let us try to make living a little more joyful, by giving a hand to someone in need.

It is as simple as giving an apple to a homeless person on the corner.  As simple as helping someone with a piece of equipment at the gym.  Saying hello to your new coworker, and introducing yourself.

If you think someone could use a friend, be one.  Choose to be kind.



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