I am four days into my NutriBullet smoothie a day for…well, forever challenge!  My enthusiasm has yet to let up, so here I am to share more about my NutriExperience.

Today’s smoothie ingredients were:82e2b2619f8db33ab0e05077592a5548

  • A handful of spinach, pineapple, strawberries, and bananas.
  • A scoop of cocoa powder
  • A scoop of chia seeds.
  • Water for the liquid.

Now, Cocoa powder is probably my favorite thing ever, and it is so good for you.  It is actually a Super Food!.  Unsweetened raw cocoa (or cacao, as I guess many people separate cocoa and cacao into different categories) is wonderful for your blood, immune system, and heart health.  It also gives you an extra bounce in your step, and has been known to promote a healthy, happy mind.  My advice to you is that if you ever get bored with smoothies (not sure how you would, since there are so many combinations you can make!), want something more rich in flavor, or have been more down and fatigued than usual, add a tablespoon of unsweetened raw cocoa powder to the mix.  Your taste buds will be delighted, and so will your body!

As I have experienced, forcing myself to eat or drink something I do not enjoy does not work for losing weight, or maintaining good health.  When I first heard of green smoothies, I thought they looked incredibly gross.  The first one I ever made was disgusting, because I used ingredients I already did not care for.  Dress your smoothie up!  If you do not have a taste for spinach use kale or a spring mix.  If you do not like almond milk, use coconut milk.  Add in some honey or cinnamon if that is what you prefer!  A healthy life style works when we enjoy the foods and beverages we put into our bodies. Has your transition ever failed because of this?  Do not worry!  Trial and error is natural as we progress to better health.

In other news, I am beyond excited about spring!  Tomorrow the cold is going to break, and I am inspired to continue my spring cleaning, and create a healthy living environment of myself!

Who’s feeling good?

Love you guys!



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