A List of Things I Do When I Don’t Feel (Mentally) Well

A brief list of things I do when I don’t feel (mentally) well:

  1. Physical Activity – walking, running, hiking, weight lifting, yoga, swimming, and I even attended an intense spinning class last week for the first time ever.  Any and all of these help so much!
  2. Reading – it helps when I actually know what I’m in the mood for, but for the most part reading puts me in a “flow” state of mind, and can take me from super awful bad places to simply, I don’t feel great, but I’m okay.  (Current reads: Hunger by Roxane Gay; Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling)
  3. Meditation – Oh. My. Goodness.  Even ten minutes of meditation helps me relax and calm my brain.  I like to use Headspace, other times I like to use visualization, breathing, or listening techniques.
  4. Writing – where I don’t stop.  I write and write and write and write and dont use punctuation or care or worry about any of it.  Seriously.  I just let it flow like I did in that sentence there.  I don’t analyze why I’m feeling that way, or the events that occurred.  I just write about whatever comes to mind.  It helps me clear my head.
  5. Research – anything interesting, wherever it takes me.  Sometimes this means watching documentaries, sometimes I’m going from blog to blog, or journal to journal, or finding books, or podcasts.
  6. Movies/Shows – watching too much Netflix, TV, or movies in general isn’t great because it makes me feel like I’m wasting time.  But sitting down and watching a documentary, a funny show, or any kind of thought provoking movie can take me to another place.  Also, I’ve found that listening to radio podcasts or news sources such as NPR help me quite a bit.  This is partially because I like knowing what is going on nationally/internationally.  Too much though and it just gets depressing.
  7. Real Human Contact – like, away from my phone.  The best interactions happen when my phone is not in my hand, or preferably in a different room.
  8. Avoiding Social Media (or my phone in general) – this one probably drives some of my friends crazy but I like to put my phone down, especially on weekends.  Twitter in particular drives me nuts and makes me incredibly anxious.  I hardly check Facebook, unless I have a notification, or am posting a blog to my page.
  9. Sitting – sometimes I sit and stare at the wall and daydream.  And it’s wonderful.  Just to sit, just to be, and let my imagination go.
  10. Cleaning – that feeling of satisfaction when something is in its proper place (my mom would laugh if she read this- lol, my daughter cleans? Love you, Mom!)
  11. Drivingit’s just relaxing!

I can add more to the list, but these are my main go to’s for getting out of a bad moment. Not that I’m saying it’s always easy to recognize I can do these things when I’m feeling particularly down.  However, once I do I truly tend to feel better.

How about you?  What do you do when you’re not feeling well? I’d love to hear!



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